To start customizing your drupal site, one major thing you can do is to add your own logo to the top section of your pages.  To do this you will need to edit the settings of your theme.  In my case, I will be editing the Fusion Core theme.  I get to the theme editing page using the Admin Menu and following the path Site Building->Themes->Configure->Fusion Core as shown in the picture below:

Navigating To The Drupal Theme Editing Page

Once on the editing page you will scroll down to the “Logo image settings” section and uncheck the “Use the default logo”  checkbox.  Then click the “Choose File” button next to where it says “Upload logo image” and select your logo file from your computer.  Once you select the file the page should look similar to the following with the name of your logo file next to the “Choose file” button:

Setting Your Drupal Theme Logo

You should then navigate to the bottom of the page and click the “Save configuration” button.  Now if you look at the top of the page you should see your logo there:

Drupal Theme Logo

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